Below is a selection of recorded music featuring Silvie Jensen either as a solist or as part of an ensemble.

As a Soloist

Colloquy, Gary Williams Friedman

Marble Collegiate Church, With Many Voices

Marble Collegiate Church, Songs of Simple Faith

COOL OF THE DAY, soloist on the title track, "Now is the Cool of the day"


Yukechev: My Heart Is Ready, by Russian Chamber Chorus of New York

Meredith Monk, Impermanence

The Constitution: a secular oratorio

Late Valentines

Ensemble Works

Choral Concert: Essential Voices USA

Pomerium, A Voice in the Wilderness—Mannerist Motets of the Renaissance

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Folk/Choral Music

Contemporary Classical Music

Avant Garde Performance Art/Music

Carmen in English

Stockhausen, Avant Garde Music/Performance Art

Meredith Monk, Contemporary Music